Friday, August 19, 2011

Zoe Made the Newspaper!

It was such a pleasant surprise to wake up and see my baby in the newspaper the other morning! Her daycare was featured in our local paper and she was front and center in the article....well, besides that black and white dog....Camera hog!  Check her out! :-)

Pet day care answers many owners’ concerns
by Patsy R. Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal
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Lucy, from left, Lexi, Zoie and Allie run around the yard at Tupelo Small Animal Hospital. The smaller dogs at TSAH’s Camp Tupelo day care get a lot of time to play or nap, while staff keep an eye out for too much exertion in the hot weather. (Deste Lee)
Lucy, from left, Lexi, Zoie and Allie run around the yard at Tupelo Small Animal Hospital. The smaller dogs at TSAH’s Camp Tupelo day care get a lot of time to play or nap, while staff keep an eye out for too much exertion in the hot weather. (Deste Lee)
Recent Dog Days of summer – with intense high heat and humidity – turn pet owners to increased concerns about their animal friends’ safety.

One option is Doggie Day Care, where playtime intersects with shelter from the soaring temperatures.

Pooches Brinkley and Max wag their feathered tails with delight each day as they anticipate greeting other “regulars” at Tupelo Small Animal Hospital.

TSAH and other veterinary shops offer day and longer term boarding when pet owners need more controlled care for their animal friends than leaving them home allows.

Kristi Scheuer of Tupelo, who often ferries Brinkley and Max between home and day care, says it’s a great option for her family and their pets.

“We live downtown and don’t have a yard,” she said recently.

“This gives them a good place to play and get good care while we’re all at work.”

The canine day-boarding may be looking even better as Northeast Mississippi slogs through 100-plus degree days.

At Animal Care Center of Tupelo, veterinarian Dr. Shelley Key-Russell says she’s a believer in the benefits of Doggie Day Care.

“Many dogs need a social outlet – they get bored at home,” she notes.

Bored dogs can turn into unhappy dogs and difficult pets that look for ways to vent their boredom, like chewing on the furniture or digging up the yard.

Local day-boarding, as most places call it, runs about $8 a day and allows working owners professional supervision for their pets, along with convenient hours before and after work for dropoffs and pickups.

Generally, the facilities have staff dedicated to the day care operation and it’s not unusual to see them playing with the dogs.

“I’ve had a lot of owners say how much exercise their dogs get with us,” she notes. “They get home and are really exhausted.”

Jackie Tubb at Tupelo Small Animal Hospital on Thomas Street says their Doggie Day Care experience has grown across the past 10 years.

Some owners don’t want to leave their pets at home alone, she says, and others know their dogs like the day-long play with canine friends.

“It’s not for every dog – some of them just prefer their own company,” Tubb notes.

She laughs when she talks about all the doggie stories she’s collected from working with their clients through the years.

“There aren’t a lot of jobs that are this much fun,” she says.

Key-Russell says their practice built Doggie Day Care from an already hardy pack of their own dogs, which they brought to work with them.

She’s got three – a spitz, a golden retriever and a Labrador.

Their day-boarding sees 10-15 regulars and another dozen or so when the temperature starts to rise.

“It’s so funny to see them when their owners drive up,” Key-Russell says about the dogs. “They just run into the clinic, they’re so excited to be here.”

During these hot, humid summer days, Key-Russell and Tubb advise pet owners to check on their pets at home, even if they have shade outside.

Their day-visitors have air-conditioned facilities, but Tubb says that even with cool temperatures inside, the summer environment puts more stress on animals and they need more water.

Key-Russell also advises owners of older pets to be sure they get checkups to help determine if they have any conditions that may be made worse by the summer heat.

Their advice? Make sure your pet has:

• Plenty of shade.

• A big supply of cool water, and

• Attention to how the heat is affecting him or her.

Veterinarian Dr. Glenn Thomas recommends owners walk their dogs “early and late” to avoid the extreme heat of the day.

“I like to walk mine in the dark,” he notes.

If you find your dog experiencing heat-related symptoms like heavy panting or exhaustion, Thomas says quick reaction is crucial.

A quick cool-down is important before loading the pet into the car for medical attention, he says.

“Thirty minutes can make a big difference,” he adds. “Get a hose and soak them down.

“Cool them off as fast as you can.”

Then call your vet.

Tips IF YOUR PET’S IN TROUBLE from heat:

• May be lying on his side

• Heavy panting

• Unresponsive


• Get a garden hose and quickly cool pet

• Apply ice packs, if you have them

• Call your veterinarian

Read more: - Pet day care answers many owners’ concerns

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Check out these FABULOUS NEW pieces of jewelry!!!!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Little Word From Zoe

Hey fellow divas! I hope all of your summers are going great! Mine sure is because I have the coolest Mom on the planet.  I still have to keep her in line sometimes.  But other than that, she is pretty fabulous! How is everyone's summer wardrobes coming along? I hope as good as mine! I get something new every day it seems.  Ohhhh lucky me. :-) I live in paradise I tell ya.  New clothes, new toys, only the best food, daily walks to keep my figure in shape, doggy daycare, daily belly scratches.....I could just go on and on.  My life is divalicious!!!!! I am going to show you some of my new clothes I have gotten this summer.  I will just have to show a couple for now.  I do not have all day to show you ALL of them (because it WOULD take ALL DAY, believe me).  I do not even have time to upload the pictures right now.  I mean come on, do you think that I have all day to sit in front of this computer? Um nooooo..I have other things to do like SLEEP. 

This is my new hat my mom got me.  It will go PERFECT with one of my new bikinis!

Some new pajamas! I get sooo cold at night, I love to be warm and cozy snuggled up in my pjs in the bed.  Don't you love them???

Oh yea! I got groomed the other day and my groomer put the cutest leopord bow in my hair.  I really like her! She is a lady after my own heart, she knows my style!

Until next time....

       Zoe Giselle

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Which Bamboopink LOOK are you???

Bamboopink by JudeFrances has so much to offer! But of course, they have different styles for each individual.  Which look are you???

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Come Shop My TRUNK SHOW!

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Friday, June 3, 2011

This Ring is TO DIE FOR!

This is the Corsica Coral Ring.  This dazzling cocktail ring fits right in with the color trends for Spring (coral and turquoise).  The dramatic red oval surrounded by endless glistening crystals makes this piece a real showstopper.  It has the Bamboopink signature brushed finish which is rhodium plated.  This ring will make any lady feel like a fabulous celebrity!
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Have You Heard of Bamboopink???

Okay guys, this is the jewelry that I sell! If you haven't heard of Bamboopink, go Goodle JudeFrances RIGHT NOW! These are the designers of Bamboopink! Fabulous and famous ladies! I can't get enough of the jewelry so far! Here is the thing about me.....I love love LOVE jewelry.  But I am also very picky with my jewelry.  I like it to look very classy no matter what price it is.  Well Bamboopink hasn't made a piece of jewelry YET that I have not found to be classy! Their jewelry is three words is UNIQUE, SEXY AND CLASSY.  Have I told you that every piece is below $100.00???? You just cannot beat that! Here is a sneak peak guys!

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Spring is Here!!!!

Hey fellow bloggers! No I have not abandoned you, just been crazy living in the crazyyyyy world of me and Zoe! First of all, I have GOT to show you all my new Easter pics! Ready????

MMMMM....I see something YUMMY!!!

How does my hair look from the side Mommy?

Uhoh! I fell in a bucket!

Looks like a little showdog running.....beautiful!!!

Easter Egg Hunt!

My BEAUTIFUL Mamaw Shirley


Easter egg dying time!

Zoe watching!

In my hot PINK 'kini!

Check me out!

Such a happy dog....pretty smile! :-)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sooo....A Lot of Catching Up To Do!

Okay so sorry guys! I have been MIA! See here is the deal.  My camera is dead.  I cannot find the little thingy that connects to the thingy to charge my battery.  I know you know what I am talking about! So I have been holding off any new posts thinking that I am going to find the chord! Or thingy, whatever! But looks like that it is the one MIA.  So I guess I am going to just have to find another one somewhere! Which stinks! I have lots of great pictures on my camera to show all of you! Zoe took the cutest Easter pics.  I do not even want to tell you about them.  I just want you to see them when I can finally get them uploaded! Ha but anyway, I have been doing just a whole bunch of nothing lately! Just the same ol same ol....working.....LOVE my Bamboopink business! If you do not know what that is, just ask me.  I love sharing about it. :-) Or you can check out my online store at  Also, I have attempted to start the P90X.  But I cannot seem to get myself motivated.  Any tips on motivation? I mean, I thought the flawless body of Marissa Miller on the cover of a magazine I recently purchased would motivate me, but NOPE! It is almost just discouraging because I am like.....could I ever really get that body? Man my negativity is shining through today, huh? NOT cool! I CAN HAVE A BODY LIKE MARISSA MILLER, IF NOT BETTER! There we go, now I am back.  Has anyone ever tried posting pics of women with fit bodies all over your bathroom mirror or great quotes you write down on your mirror also? I have heard it really works! It is really a daily motivating reminder of your goals.  I am a huge believer in writing down your goals! And writing a set date for each goal.  Maybe I should try that whole putting pics and quotes and goals on the mirror thing. Hmmm......well anywho! I know that I do not have my great pics to post to go along with the great stories I had to tell you with the pics.  But I do have a couple of pics I have taken with my Galaxy.  I LOVE my Galaxy! So here they are!
Mommy, PLEASE do not pick up these robes.  I know you are cleaning right now, but this is just way too comfy!

I gave her a bath right before her Easter pics.  She HATES baths! Can't ya tell? I must say, she doesn't look too much like herself when she's wet either.  Still adorable in my eyes though!

Anywho! I am going to call it a night and maybe I will wake up tomorrow and that stupid thingy I have been looking for will show up so I can share some more stories with you! I feel helpless without a way to upload my pics. :-( Well goodnight and sweet dreams everyone!


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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Need HELP!

Hello blogworld friends! I need your help with something.  I am trying to reach a goal...could yall please help me?  I need yall to tell as many people as you can about my online store.  It is ................GORGEOUS AFFORDABLE JEWELRY!  I need to make some sales quick to meet my goal.  Can yall help? I would soooo appreciate it!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Am I Too Big to Dye Easter Eggs?

Okay, So as y'all know, I am off work today and I am contemplating on the idea of....."Am I too big to dye Easter eggs"? Well here's my dilemma.  My mind wants to dye them because it is something that reminds me of being a little girl dyeing Easter eggs and hiding them and then eating them once I found them! ( I love boiled eggs! Yum!!!!) But do I even remember how to dye them? And who will hide them for me? I better off just boiling a bunch of eggs and stuffing my face full of them? I mean, have y'all seen some of the pictures of Easter eggs on the web?

Umm WOW. 

Okay, that looks a little better...but still looks complicated!

Now this looks FUN! Hmm...some fabric maybe...felt pieces....okay nevermind complicated!

How adorable! Wonder what these flowers are made of?

Now that is what I am talking about! Some simple polka dots! But wait a minute, they are so shiny.  How did they do that? Wow...I guess I just really haven't dyed Easter eggs in a long time!

Well I think I am going to get dressed and head to town and get started on this little project! Also, find Zoe a sweet Easter dress.  I still need some ideas from y'all of something unique I can do for her Easter picture.  Help!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thank Goodness It Is Thursday!

Well thank goodness it is Thursday because it is REALLY Friday for me because I do not have to work tomorrow.  Whoo! So glad! I need an extra day break.  Anywho, my voice is just about gone.  My throat is as red as an apple but does not hurt surprisingly.  And I have just been sporting this frog voice for 3 days now.  I have always thought it was cute to have a raspy voice, but for me...not so cute! Especially since it is just about gone! Oh well, I am sure my boyfriend will be tickled pink if I lose it.  HA! The last time I lost it, he constantly tried to do things to get me to yell at him because he knew I couldn't....MEN!!! I am blogging from my bed trying to sit back and just relax, but somehow I can't! It could be the crazy LION I have in my bed with me trying to finish taking the limbs off of her stuffed toy bunny.

One leg gone...two arms to go!

There goes another one!!! Yes!!!

What? I'm not doing anything...

She is beyond a maniac! Seriously.....But I am not real sure what I would do without her.  She keeps me entertained and I love her snuggles! Okay so I am little..well A LOTTTT obsessed with her! Anywho! I am trying to decide what I would like to entail my LONG weekend with.  Hmmmm.....I think tomorrow I am going to commit my whole day to working on my Bamboopink business.  Yeap, sounds good! And after that.......REST and just see where the wind blows me.  (Which will probably not blow me any further than the park or the mall).  (The park to take Zoe and the mall to take me). :-) ....So I guess that is all that is in the plans for me for now! Night night!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last Year's Easter Picture

This is Zoe's Easter picture from last year.  Someone please tell me HOW unhappy she looks! HA! This is terrible that I put her through the pain.  I love the watermelon outfit but this year I want something totally different and am running out of time! Does anyone have any suggestions for something cute and unique I could do with her for an Easter pic?

And I Thought Getting Your Hair Done Was A Treat?

Well not so much for Zoe.  So she just started with a new groomer exactly 6 weeks ago.  This was the first groomer who has been able to control her and actually give her a pretty "do".  So after 2 years and 3 groomers later, we had finally found the one.  So I decided to stick with her.  Her name is Michelle Siddall, owner of Doggie Doos, and she is EXCELLENT.  Well the first appointment with her went great.  We had the second appointment yesterday, and I had THOUGHT it went great.....Well, not so much! Apparently something about that hair appointment just tore Zoe to pieces.  It could have been the 4 hours that she was left there, considering she had to wait a little while for someone to come get her.  No, I am not a bad mom.  I just dropped her off on my lunch and then her daddy came to get her on his way home from school in Booneville.  But anywho! I got home from work to see her and boy did she tell me a few things.  She chewed me out in the best doggy words she knew how to say and hid and sulked.  That is NOT like her! She normally hears me drive up and is waiting at the door for me to greet me with a thousand stinky kisses..........Zoe is not the average dog.  She is full of personality! She has a mad face, a sad face, a sulking face, you get the picture! She might as well be a human! Well here is her mad and ill face.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I am a 24 year old Mississippi Southern girl with a small obsession with my 2 year old Blonde Yorkie and have recently discovered what might be the largest women’s internet start-up company.  The company is called Bamboopink. The marketing of this company began in late January.  I was introduced in late February.  Since then, I have been on fire! I have a very large team of potential sales consultants already and the days are still ticking! I wake up with new sign ups everyday, it is amazing!
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

From The View of My Diva Yorkshire Terrier

Welcome to my world of Dog Fashion.  I'm Zoe, a Yorkshire Terrier, who is lucky enough to be considered a diva in my home.  I have a great sense of fashion and a very good eye for choosing the perfect outfit for every occasion. A well-dressed lady is a necessity for maintaining my Diva status. It's important for you, too.

I have pretty much always been a Diva.  From the second I was brought home, my mom had a bow in my hair.  It was not anything new to always have fresh polish on my toes.  But that is just the beginning of it.  I'll tell you more about my life as we go along.

So sit forward, put your head in your paws and pick your favorite outfits. Then bring your human to the computer screen and show her or him which are your favorites. If you use your best pleading look, you may just get your wish.