Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sooo....A Lot of Catching Up To Do!

Okay so sorry guys! I have been MIA! See here is the deal.  My camera is dead.  I cannot find the little thingy that connects to the thingy to charge my battery.  I know you know what I am talking about! So I have been holding off any new posts thinking that I am going to find the chord! Or thingy, whatever! But looks like that it is the one MIA.  So I guess I am going to just have to find another one somewhere! Which stinks! I have lots of great pictures on my camera to show all of you! Zoe took the cutest Easter pics.  I do not even want to tell you about them.  I just want you to see them when I can finally get them uploaded! Ha but anyway, I have been doing just a whole bunch of nothing lately! Just the same ol same ol....working.....LOVE my Bamboopink business! If you do not know what that is, just ask me.  I love sharing about it. :-) Or you can check out my online store at  Also, I have attempted to start the P90X.  But I cannot seem to get myself motivated.  Any tips on motivation? I mean, I thought the flawless body of Marissa Miller on the cover of a magazine I recently purchased would motivate me, but NOPE! It is almost just discouraging because I am like.....could I ever really get that body? Man my negativity is shining through today, huh? NOT cool! I CAN HAVE A BODY LIKE MARISSA MILLER, IF NOT BETTER! There we go, now I am back.  Has anyone ever tried posting pics of women with fit bodies all over your bathroom mirror or great quotes you write down on your mirror also? I have heard it really works! It is really a daily motivating reminder of your goals.  I am a huge believer in writing down your goals! And writing a set date for each goal.  Maybe I should try that whole putting pics and quotes and goals on the mirror thing. Hmmm......well anywho! I know that I do not have my great pics to post to go along with the great stories I had to tell you with the pics.  But I do have a couple of pics I have taken with my Galaxy.  I LOVE my Galaxy! So here they are!
Mommy, PLEASE do not pick up these robes.  I know you are cleaning right now, but this is just way too comfy!

I gave her a bath right before her Easter pics.  She HATES baths! Can't ya tell? I must say, she doesn't look too much like herself when she's wet either.  Still adorable in my eyes though!

Anywho! I am going to call it a night and maybe I will wake up tomorrow and that stupid thingy I have been looking for will show up so I can share some more stories with you! I feel helpless without a way to upload my pics. :-( Well goodnight and sweet dreams everyone!


Rebecca Bany

Awww cute dog!


following you back.....


Thank you Rebecca! And that you Marcelle!!! I would love for the both of you to go check out my online website and give me your thoughts on it!

Can't wait to hear what you think! :-)

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