Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I am a 24 year old Mississippi Southern girl with a small obsession with my 2 year old Blonde Yorkie and have recently discovered what might be the largest women’s internet start-up company.  The company is called Bamboopink. The marketing of this company began in late January.  I was introduced in late February.  Since then, I have been on fire! I have a very large team of potential sales consultants already and the days are still ticking! I wake up with new sign ups everyday, it is amazing!
I have invited both women and men to sign-up for a Bamboopink website to learn more about this jewelry company, and they did!  They are wise!  The website was free with zero obligation and the reward could be a career with a multi-million dollar direct sales fashion jewelry company! We are going to watch this comapny unfold, together, while spreading the word about them, virally through the internet, and building our own sales team, for free!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

From The View of My Diva Yorkshire Terrier

Welcome to my world of Dog Fashion.  I'm Zoe, a Yorkshire Terrier, who is lucky enough to be considered a diva in my home.  I have a great sense of fashion and a very good eye for choosing the perfect outfit for every occasion. A well-dressed lady is a necessity for maintaining my Diva status. It's important for you, too.

I have pretty much always been a Diva.  From the second I was brought home, my mom had a bow in my hair.  It was not anything new to always have fresh polish on my toes.  But that is just the beginning of it.  I'll tell you more about my life as we go along.

So sit forward, put your head in your paws and pick your favorite outfits. Then bring your human to the computer screen and show her or him which are your favorites. If you use your best pleading look, you may just get your wish.