Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Little Word From Zoe

Hey fellow divas! I hope all of your summers are going great! Mine sure is because I have the coolest Mom on the planet.  I still have to keep her in line sometimes.  But other than that, she is pretty fabulous! How is everyone's summer wardrobes coming along? I hope as good as mine! I get something new every day it seems.  Ohhhh lucky me. :-) I live in paradise I tell ya.  New clothes, new toys, only the best food, daily walks to keep my figure in shape, doggy daycare, daily belly scratches.....I could just go on and on.  My life is divalicious!!!!! I am going to show you some of my new clothes I have gotten this summer.  I will just have to show a couple for now.  I do not have all day to show you ALL of them (because it WOULD take ALL DAY, believe me).  I do not even have time to upload the pictures right now.  I mean come on, do you think that I have all day to sit in front of this computer? Um nooooo..I have other things to do like SLEEP. 

This is my new hat my mom got me.  It will go PERFECT with one of my new bikinis!

Some new pajamas! I get sooo cold at night, I love to be warm and cozy snuggled up in my pjs in the bed.  Don't you love them???

Oh yea! I got groomed the other day and my groomer put the cutest leopord bow in my hair.  I really like her! She is a lady after my own heart, she knows my style!

Until next time....

       Zoe Giselle


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