Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And I Thought Getting Your Hair Done Was A Treat?

Well not so much for Zoe.  So she just started with a new groomer exactly 6 weeks ago.  This was the first groomer who has been able to control her and actually give her a pretty "do".  So after 2 years and 3 groomers later, we had finally found the one.  So I decided to stick with her.  Her name is Michelle Siddall, owner of Doggie Doos, and she is EXCELLENT.  Well the first appointment with her went great.  We had the second appointment yesterday, and I had THOUGHT it went great.....Well, not so much! Apparently something about that hair appointment just tore Zoe to pieces.  It could have been the 4 hours that she was left there, considering she had to wait a little while for someone to come get her.  No, I am not a bad mom.  I just dropped her off on my lunch and then her daddy came to get her on his way home from school in Booneville.  But anywho! I got home from work to see her and boy did she tell me a few things.  She chewed me out in the best doggy words she knew how to say and hid and sulked.  That is NOT like her! She normally hears me drive up and is waiting at the door for me to greet me with a thousand stinky kisses..........Zoe is not the average dog.  She is full of personality! She has a mad face, a sad face, a sulking face, you get the picture! She might as well be a human! Well here is her mad and ill face.


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