Friday, April 22, 2011

Am I Too Big to Dye Easter Eggs?

Okay, So as y'all know, I am off work today and I am contemplating on the idea of....."Am I too big to dye Easter eggs"? Well here's my dilemma.  My mind wants to dye them because it is something that reminds me of being a little girl dyeing Easter eggs and hiding them and then eating them once I found them! ( I love boiled eggs! Yum!!!!) But do I even remember how to dye them? And who will hide them for me? I better off just boiling a bunch of eggs and stuffing my face full of them? I mean, have y'all seen some of the pictures of Easter eggs on the web?

Umm WOW. 

Okay, that looks a little better...but still looks complicated!

Now this looks FUN! Hmm...some fabric maybe...felt pieces....okay nevermind complicated!

How adorable! Wonder what these flowers are made of?

Now that is what I am talking about! Some simple polka dots! But wait a minute, they are so shiny.  How did they do that? Wow...I guess I just really haven't dyed Easter eggs in a long time!

Well I think I am going to get dressed and head to town and get started on this little project! Also, find Zoe a sweet Easter dress.  I still need some ideas from y'all of something unique I can do for her Easter picture.  Help!


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